Patient Testimonials


Dr. Pevny – Thank you for putting me back together more than once and being a part of the team that’s helping me pursue my Olympic dreams. It has all been downhill fast. Sincerely, Chris Klug

Aspen Orthopedic Associates and Dr. Tom Pevny are proud to have Chris Klug as a patient. Congratulations on your accomplishments in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics!

Dr. Pevny says, “Chris is a patient of mine who has overcome tremendous adversity to achieve amazing goals. Along with orthopedic injuries Chris was the first Olympian to compete after receiving an organ transplant. He won an Olympic bronze medal in the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and is a several time US National Champion.”


As an active 66 year old, many years of use and abuse from skiing, running, biking and other athletic pursuits finally caught up with me. I was bone on bone and in pain in my left knee. Tom understands the desire of active people to get back to what they love to do. On May 16, 2011, Dr Pevny replaced my knee with a Stryker Triathlon prosthesis. Access to Tom and his staff for follow-up was excellent.

I did my rehab religiously. I was on a stationary bike a week after the surgery. The first day it took me 15 minutes to do 1 complete revolution. The next day I did 80 and the following day did 300 revolutions. I stopped counting at 800+. By the end of the summer I had over 500 miles on my road bike and had resumed hiking. I resumed skiing in November 2011. I skied 102 days last season in all kinds of conditions. I now have over eight hundred miles on my bike this spring.
Great physician. Great device. Great outcome. I rest my case.

Thanks, Tom.


Skiing As Fast, As Hard, and Stronger Than Ever

In October of 2009 former alpine ski racer, World Club Skier, and Olympian Andy Mill underwent a total knee arthroplasty – also known as total knee replacement surgery. As little as six weeks post-surgery, Andy Mill was back skiing, hunting, and living the active lifestyle he was accustom to. Andy says, “At seven weeks, I hiked to the top of The Loge, on Aspen Highlands. By the fourth month, I was skiing as fast and as hard as I wanted. I was pain free, strong, and was able to push myself harder than ever!”

Tom Pevny, M.D., is honored to treat Andy Mill as a patient. Dr. Pevny said, “Andy was a perfect candidate for this procedure because of his background as an Olympian and World Cup ski racer, and someone who is still competing in various sports. Over the years, he sustained several knee injuries and as a result developed arthritis. Andy has a strong desire to stay active and live a high quality of life. When his knee pain began impeding that – we knew it was time to schedule surgery.”


I wish to express my thanks on behalf of myself, my friend Elaine Woodward (who suffered a severe leg injury – 3 breaks) and her family.

Where do I start?

Dr. Pevny came to see her every day. He is obviously an excellent surgeon but he also has a great bedside manner as he provided re-assurance and took time to answer all our questions. The first night Elaine was discharged we had some issues and Dr. Pevny’s office (Aspen Orthopedic Associates) called me back immediately and we got things resolved.

With gratitude,
Beth Colle


Ted Davenport turned pro in 2005 after winning the overall European Freeski title as well as placing in the top five at the infamous Verbier Extreme. In this same season, he also started filming with Warren Miller and Teton Gravity Research. Unfortunately just after turning professional, his career had a rocky progression plagued by several injuries. Just when he felt fully healed and strong again, he’d have another accident.


Dear Dr. Tom Pevny,

As a recent patient at Aspen Valley Hospital, I wanted to express my sincere thanks to all the caregivers at the hospital. My sports, skiing in particular, has meant that I have had considerable experience with orthopaedic injuries, including two ACL/MCL repairs, a medical meniscus repair, one separated and a dislocated shoulder, broken ribs twice, and stitches multiple times. So my open fracture of my left tibia and fibula which were repaired so ably by you and your staff were preformed, as a marketer would say, on a sophisticated consumer. I wanted to make sure that my thanks went beyond, however, all who so ably put me back together since I know that it takes many unnamed staff to support the hospital services. They were absolutely first rate in every regard.

Thank you again,
Barnet Phillips

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